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Art Print Southwold Beach Huts

Art Print Southwold Beach Huts

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I have always been fascinated by beach huts and every time I visit the seaside I am amazed at the tiny little wooden structures. Beach huts are often built in different designs, sizes and shapes but best of all their various owners have painted them in different colours and each one has it's own identity.

The Southwold Beach Huts in Suffolk are no exception and are brightly coloured examples of the beach hut in all of its glory. Sadly most seem to be only used on special occasions - just waiting to be opened up and used.

This Southwold Beach Huts painting represents many happy hours spent at the beach basking in the warm sunshine and enjoying the shelter that the beach huts offer from the winds.

I enjoy painting on a full sheet of heavy watercolour paper, it allows lots of water to be used to float different colours and let them bleed through the fibres of the paper. Paintings start with numerous sketches often drawn quickly in my sketch book and later explored in more detail as a painting is visualised and elements are positioned.

There is of course the humorous additions which you sometimes have to look for in the painting and I did not forget the washing line! All limited edition art prints are reproduced on 190gram Archival Matt acid free watercolour paper.

Each print is individually signed and numbered by the artist and bears an embossed authentication with print number. The image area of the print is 28cm x 41cm (11" x 16") and suitable for mounting and framing in a standard frame.

Catalogue ID: PR103

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