About Peter Bowen

Peter Bowen watercolour artist and ceramics designer enjoys drawing and painting quirky scenes of buildings with washing lines and works primarily in pen and ink and watercolour. Peter Bowen’s artistic work has been exhibited throughout North America and the United Kingdom.

“As long as I can remember I have always enjoyed drawing and painting and was encouraged by my father to draw and learn about watercolour”. “My father was very good at painting in oils and acrylics but encouraged me to master watercolour for its unforgiving nature that could be tamed with practice,” says Peter Bowen.

My Work

Peter Bowen studied graphic design at the former West of England College of Art in Bristol and graduated with a diploma that was converted to a Bachelor of Arts Degree.

Ceramics have always played an important part in Peters' artistic development during the past 40 years and his exploration of slab built structures using both earthenware and stoneware clay bodies leads him to experiment with different surface glazes to elevate the decorated art forms.

Art and Ceramics compliment each other in every way and provide creative opportunities to explore new boundaries.

Peter Bowen Art

Creating Artistic Interpretations

I enjoy making ceramics from forming wet clay into a solid art form is like creating magic…! When clay is worked it is possible to create functional shapes and forms and when left to dry slowly for about two weeks it is ready for the first firing in my electric kiln. This is called a bisque firing to 998°C (1,828°F) and takes about 14 hours, this is when the clay becomes a ceramic material. At this stage the fired ceramic is pure white and ready to accept glazes.

I use my own glaze recipes which are lead free and food safe. When the multiple coats of hand applied glaze is bone dry it can then be fired a second time to 1,031°C (1,888°F) which takes about 8 hours, this is where the glaze material bonds to the ceramic body to form a glossy finish. The glazed pieces are microwave and dishwasher safe.

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