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Butter Dish with Lid - Honey Speckle Glaze

Butter Dish with Lid - Honey Speckle Glaze

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A new design for a butter dish to hold a 250g block of butter or two American-style butter sticks.

Handcrafted in my studio in Somerset with all the love and care you would expect from a craftsman

Catalogue ID: BDL14

A customer said: 

Amazing piece!

"I bought this butter dish as a gift for my folks. My step-mom is a ceramicist so she knows her pottery. She was blown away by the craftsmanship! She kept admiring details I might have missed: the fit of the lid into the lip of the dish, the proportion of the knob to the whole piece, the smooth working of the interior, the carefully built foot of the dish, etc. She knew Peter Bowen was truly a master artist. It’s a lovely piece and made a brilliant gift!"

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