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Ceramic Mushrooms Cane Toppers

Ceramic Mushrooms Cane Toppers

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Set of 4 Handmade Ceramic Mushrooms Toadstools an ideal Garden Gift.

Brighten up any garden, field, window box, patio with these brightly coloured ceramics. You supply your own canes, sticks, etc and these handmade ceramic mushroom shapes simply sit on top.

Price is for a set of 4 as shown in the photos.

I have had these in my garden all winter in England and they add splashes of colour here and there. They have also survived frosts but I do not know if they will withstand harsh winter weather.

I can make these to order in a range of different colours. The red, yellow and white are the brightest colours and reflect the most light during the winter months.

These ceramic mushrooms are handmade with earthenware clay, glazed and fired in my kiln. Because they are handmade and hand glazed each one is slightly different. They measure approx 75mm (3 inches) high by 60mm (2.5 inches) wide.
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