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Butter Dish with Lid - Sunrise/Sunset

Butter Dish with Lid - Sunrise/Sunset

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A hand-made yellow butter dish with a lid is an ideal tableware gift for a special person looking for a covered butter dish or butter keeper. Butter will stay soft and easily spreadable.

Each one is slightly different and not mass-produced so you will be getting a limited-edition work of art. The graduated red to yellow glaze on the outside is unusual and unique. The inside is finished with a high gloss white glaze.

Suitable for an 8 oz. or 250g block of butter or two American-style Butter Sticks.

190mm (7.5 inches) Long, 125mm (5 inches) Wide, 80mm (3 inches) High - Weight 675 grams (1lb.)  Each butter dish is hand-made and individually hand-glazed to ensure high quality. 

Each butter dish takes approximately two hours to make using high-quality earthenware pottery clay fired in my electric kiln in Somerset, England.

Catalogue ID: BDL07

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