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Art Print Clifton Wood Bristol

Art Print Clifton Wood Bristol

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While travelling into Bristol on the Park and Ride bus from Long Ashton, I saw this view up towards Clifton Wood in Bristol and that was the inspiration for this painting.

I had a clear vision in my mind of what the painting should look like and I wanted to capture only the buildings themselves and not be concerned about the trees above and below the many different coloured houses. I must admit I struggled to get the composition just right while capturing the essence of the structures and balance the many colours together so that there remained a freshness to the scene.

This painting was the first I had painted that was twice as large as I would normally paint, I wanted to capture the horizontal size and detail that the buildings deserved and did not forget the washing lines!

All prints are reproduced on 190gram Archival Matt acid-free watercolour paper.

Each print is individually signed and numbered by the artist and bears an embossed authentication with print number. The image area of the print is 28cm x 41cm (11" x 16") suitable for framing in a standard frame.

Catalogue ID: PR107

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