Ceramic Mantel Clocks Made to Order

ceramic mantel clocks

It gives me great pleasure to create and build a new ceramic mantel clock design from the initial sketches on paper to get the shape and proportions looking right to applying the sketches on to clay that has been rolled out into a flat slab.

It is much like rolling out pastry for baking... the clay thickness is 10mm (3/8 inch) and quite damp which has to dry out and become fairly stiff before it can be cut to shape - even then it is still quite difficult to work with.

After I have cut all of the basic shapes for the clock design I then leave them to dry out so the pieces are quite stiff and ready for assembly. I use a clay slip which is ground up clay added to water to form a soupy mixture much like glue.

 making a ceramic clock

To join two pieces together the edges are scored and then the slip is applied and the two are pressed together. It is a slow process but soon starts to resemble the finished size and shape.

peter bowen art ceramic clock



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